CINEMA In "ETERNO REGRESSO" the movies have a key role in the concept, markedly cinematic. As there is a narrative that guides us from the first till the last song of the CD, the idea began to create a movie for each song, material that will be presented during the concert, whenever there are technical conditions for that. Thus, Rogério Godinho, who performed and edited some of the movies, challenged other filmmakers to participate in the project: - Sérgio Marques, who made films of the "Black Chant", "The Child I Was", "We are what memories allow" - Mariza Fonseca and Marcella Nunes (COLETIVO PRO), who carried out the films in which the action takes place in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) - "Cheguei" (I've arrived) and "Vivências" (Life Experiences) - Marco Maia, who has done films in which the action takes place in São Paulo (Brazil), edited by Marilia Lino - "João e Maria" and "Retrato em Branco e Preto" As camera men, also participated Américo Lobato and André Godinho.