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“WE CHANGE” is the second album by Rogério Godinho. With six original songs performed in English, the recording responds to Rogério’s need to have his message understood around the world. Musically, “WE CHANGE” embraces a very different sound from his 2015 release, “Eterno Regresso.” More Pop in nature, the new album explores universal issues such as the environment and respect for human rights.


This album was born in the midst of the pandemic, a time in which creativity and composition were often the only tools a musician could use to feel valid in trying to put a post-pandemic world in perspective.


“WE CHANGE” approaches the concept of “change” from different points of view:


·      The change that may happen in each of us, the way we face our fears, how we approach our individual paths and how others who we come across in life contribute to this change;


·      The urgent change that Humanity must carry out in its attitude towards Nature and the Planet in order to avoid its imminent and irremediable destruction; (song "SOS Planet")


·      Small changes carried out by individuals can generate significant changes in society as a whole and contribute to greater sustainability, inclusion and collective understanding. Changing the whole requires us to do our individual part.

One of the songs, "Love is Art", was inspired by artist Marina Abramović’s celebrated performance "The Artist is Present" at New York’s Museum of Modern Art in 2010. During one such performance, Abramović reunited with her estranged partner, the artist Ulay, after 23 years. Their eyes said everything. No words needed.

The new album is already available on the online store


Musical Production: Francisco Sales


Composition, Executive production: Rogério Godinho


Arrangements: Rogério Godinho (all songs), Francisco Sales (1,2,4,5)


Lyrics: Rogério Godinho (2,3,6), Sam Azura (1,4,5), Ana Stilwell (2), Manuela Quaresma (2)


Vocals, Piano, Rhodes: Rogério Godinho (all songs) | Vocals: Ana Stilwell (2)


Guitars: Francisco Sales (1,2,4,5) | Electric bass: Rui Pedro Pity (1,2,4) | Drums: André Silva (1,2,4) | Violins: Pedro Lopes (3), Daniel Bolito (3) | Viola: Joana Tavares (3) |  Cello: César Gonçalves (3,5) | Double Bass: Miguel Menezes (3) | Trombones: Eduardo Lála (3) | Flugelhorn: Pedro Monteiro (3) | Flute: Carlos Teixeira (3) | Clarinet: Miguel Costa (3)


Mixing and mastering: Mo Hausler


Recorded at: Namouche

Original 3D image, cover and booklet: Jorge de Sá

Graphic design: Rogério Godinho, Crisálida Agency, Tiago Alves

Sponsors: Fundo Cultural da Sociedade Portuguesa de Autores

Photography: Sónia Godinho


Official Website:


© ℗ Rogério Godinho, 2022 | All Rights Reserved    

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