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Rogério Godinho

​Song "SOS PLANET" warns of environmental crisis

Rogério Godinho,  musician and former environmental engineer, felt that he should use his art to alert people to the urgent need for effective decision making in order to stop the imminent destruction of the Earth. The wrong approach to the management of natural resources, as well as pollution in its various forms, has led to climate change, which consequently creates imbalances difficult to stop.
The time to act is NOW!

On January 20th, "SOS Planet" will be released on all digital platforms. The song is the second single from “We Change,” Rogério Godinho's new album of original material performed entirely in English.

On January 26th will be published the videoclip bellow.

It would be an honor if this music/video could serve your organization in a task as noble as the protection of nature, seeking the stop of climate changes.

Credits "SOS Planet":

Music: Rogério Godinho

Lyrics: Sam Azura

Arrangement: Rogério Godinho, Francisco Sales

Musical Production: Francisco Sales

Piano, vocals: Rogério Godinho

Electric guitar: Francisco Sales

Mixing and Mastering: Mo Hausler

Original 3D Image, cover: Jorge de Sá

Graphical Design: Rogério Godinho, Crisálida Agency, Tiago Alves

Sponsor: Fundo Cultural da Sociedade Portuguesa de Autores

08_CD Pack Mock-up_rear side_top view.png
Credits @ Sonia Godinho

Press Kit

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Rogério Godinho is a multifaceted artist - a pianist, singer and composer, who studied at the University of Évora, at the Lemmensinstituut (Belgium) and at the Hot Club of Portugal. Other manifestations of his artistic universe as a creator are photography, filming and poetry.

In his work and shows, he always seeks to create a strong connection between the message and the music, serving a concept and an aesthetic that he defines. 

His new album "We Change", which will be pre-released on December 9th, 2022, with the single "Reset", arose from the need he felt to have his message understood beyond the Portuguese language, breaking boundaries in an art where they should not exist. This album is the proof that there shouldn't be limits to creation either, given that each person has many "other personalities" and facets within themselves, and should manifest them when it feels right.

In 2015, he released his first album - “ETERNO REGRESSO” (Eternal Return), with original music composed by himself using a distinct underlying narrative merging some of his influences: Fado, Jazz and Brazilian Popular Music (MPB), with other classical elements. It was mostly an intimate concept, where words, image and music were inseparable.

In 2017, he edited a song he composed in honor of Bernardo Sassetti, an artist he greatly admired, which he called “Para Sassetti” (For Sassetti).

More recently, he edited his composition “Évora, Cidade do Mundo”, which was part of a documentary directed by Jorge de Sá, dedicated to the distinction of Évora as a World Heritage City, by UNESCO.

From the edition of his first album, “Eterno Regresso”, he had the opportunity to have his work presented in Antena 1, RTP (national portuguese TV), Rádio Amália, Rádio Nacional Española and Rádio Clásica, both belonging to rTVE, in Spain.




Music: Rogério Godinho | Lyrics: Sam Azura


You showed me green

You showed me blue

I showed you nothing tho' I knew

Rivers of greed flow into dust

Now look at me - why did you trust?


Our handshake hid my treacheries

I turned your landscape into a memory

The word "enough" was the enemy

I cut you out of centuries


I had a rib cage of ice

I guess I now know the price

Ain't no song that'll make you sing

You were the soil, I am the sin


You passed the keys

I burned down the doors

You were made for peace

I was made for wars


You passed the keys

I burned down the doors

You were made for peace

I was made for wars

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