MUSIC Rogério Godinho has developed a very personal style, both with regard to his compositions and the interpretation he makes from the music from other authors. His compositions are a reflection of their biggest influences - the Fado, Jazz, MPB (Brazilian Popular Music) and classical music, with Amalia Rodrigues, Carlos do Carmo, Bernardo Sassetti, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Esbjorn Sevensson, Chico Buarque, Maria Bethania, Tom Jobim, Jacques Morelenbaum, Caetano Veloso, Puccini, Placido Domingo, some of the artists he really respects. In "ETERNO REGRESSO" (Eternal Return), there are only three versions of well-known themes - João e Maria (Sivuca), Retrato em Branco e Preto (Tom Jobim / Chico Buarque) and Lisboa Menina e Moça (Paulo de Carvalho), with arrangements that give his personal touch. The remaining 12 songs were composed by Rogério Godinho. In this work, there was a drive to achieve a sound as faithful as possible to the instruments,without artifacts, in a way to hear each one of the instruments, beacause this music is rich in subtle details. Stringed instruments have an important role in this project, which included a total of 15 musicians, carefully selected to achieve the desired sound. They were: Rogério Godinho (piano/vocals) César Gonçalves (cello) André Ferreira (double bass) André Mota (drums) David Ribeiro (portuguese guitar) Daniel Bolito (violin) Pedro Lopes (violin) Leonor Fleming (viola) Francisco Sales (electric guitar) Ricardo Toscano (clarinet) Carlos Teixeira (flutel) Tânia Lopes (percussion) Francisco Gaspar (double bass) Luzia Vieira (double bass) Joana Bolito (oboe)